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Economic and technological conditions continued to develop as an integrated instant Ilgaz construction, machine park safer and more efficient systems to equip its series as a fundamental principle adopted on this issue and has played a leading role among other companies.

Its technology and unique architecture with the line to this day Anatolia`s largest commercial and cultural center, Anatolia`s largest Intercity Bus Terminal, Anatolia`s largest State Complex, Anatolia`s largest Education and Training Hospital, as well as the construction of roads from the dams , TV studios and delivery of the Olympic pool where so proudly over 5,000 signatures to put the construction toplukonut Ilgaz Construction `s reached the point where the so-called finds expression today.

POWER, is the integration of technology and art SUMMIT ...


Ilgaz Construction `s strength and confidence today referred to by name in 1960 in Kayseri was made on the basis of a two storey building. Business philosophy, quality, aesthetic and economic factors Ilgaz Construction connects with timely fulfill mortar business where it belongs, but the momentum quickly acquired a stable place.


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